02 August 2009

Weekend Fun!

Mood: Happy (Scott and I have had a great weekend!)

What I'm watching: Kendra (I know, trashy reality tv, but really? It's the essence of who I am. LOL).

Scott and I woke up on Saturday morning without the foggiest idea what we were going to do this weekend. We had no plans, no ideas, nothing. Oh, we had to do the usual...laundry, shopping, etc. but other than that we were wide open. Now, usually this means that we will either A: spend the weekend sitting on the sofa doing nothing but veggitating in front of tv/computer screens or B: spend the weekend alternating saying "What do you want to do?" / "I don't know, what do you want to do?" Only to settle on doing something like wandering through the local woods for an hour before deciding we're too hot, old and out of shape to do much more than drag our tired selves back to the sofa to commence the tv/computer watching.

However, this weekend was different. We ran our errands and then decided to have a real date night, complete with dressing up, the wearing of make-up (me) and the shaving of the wildebeast beard (Scott).

After dinner we decided to check out the county fair...it seemed like appropriate date night material (well, maybe for teenagers but still).

Things I did/saw at the fair:

1. I petted a baby pig - so soft and cuddly, really, they were cute.

2. I petted baby bunnies - awww...I so want one.

3. I petted baby chicks - felt kinda bad since I'd had eggs for breakfast and I secretly wondered if it was one of their relatives. I think they knew and they were running away from me. :(

4. Saw monkey's riding dogs in a race. Seriously. Who knew this type of stuff existed?

5. Saw a guy wrestling an alligator. When does that ever happen in central illinois?

6. Rode the Tilt-a-Whirl. I haven't ridden one of those in years. Turns out I still LOVE being swung around in circles. I just couldn't stop giggling. Scott? Not so much! LOL.

7. Got a temporary spray on tattoo. I indulged Scott because he really wants me to get a real one and, honestly? Not going to happen.

How many cameras do we have? 2. One digital, one video.

How many pictures do we have of these amazingly interesting and fun experiences at the fair? None.

Why? Because we didn't take our camera. Sigh. Also? I've been down this road enough times to know that if we'd had our camera with us there wouldn't have been a single, solitary thing worth photographing within a 500 mile radius.

I did manage to get a shot of my tattoo when we got home...have to post a pic of that later. :)

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