12 August 2009

So, This Whole Hell Thing...How Bad Can it Be Really?

Mood: Stressed & Cranky (long crappy week at work continues)

What I'm watching: King of the Hill (I totally need something to make me laugh!)

Tonight my loving husband and I had a conversation that reminded me of exactly why I will be spending eternity in a rather tropical environment.

Me: Stupid people at McDonalds gave me a bacon ranch burger. Look, it's even marked 'deluxe' but it's a bacon ranch burger. I HATE bacon.

Scott: I know you do, I'll go take it back and get the right burger.

*I would like some brownie points for telling Scott to eat his burger while it was still hot and that he could go back to McDs when he was finished*

As he's on his way out the door, I remind him sternly to tell them that I'm NOT.HAPPY re: getting the wrong sandwich.

When he gets home I ask him if he was sure to tell them how inconvenient the mistake was and how angry and frustrated his wife was.

Scott: No, I didn't. But I got you a new burger.

Me: Why didn't you properly express my fury?
Scott: I couldn't. The guy behind the counter was crippled. I couldn't yell at him.

Me: You wuss!

Yep. That's me being all sensitive and stuff. So, if you happen to be at my funeral please throw some SPF 75 in the casket with me...I have a feeling I'm going to be needing it.

Also? I've posted before about our craptastic neighbors and their ever changing round of, well, crap that shows up in the hallway at random times. So, because I'm feeling cranky and annoyed today, I thought I'd take a few pictures of the crapapolooza that is our hallway and post them here so everyone could have a sense of the gauntlet I have to run every time I leave our humble abode.

A view of the hallway outside our door. The mattress is a fairly new addition to the garage sale chic look of our hallway.
Notice the new addition of the bag of trash. Yes, it smells as bad as it looks. And their kitchen table? That's been out there for days.

An overall impression. The cutesy little country wooden seat with the heart? I guess that's supposed to class up the look of the hallway!

Sigh. Really? I'd like to know how they move all that crap out of their apartment because they're both disabled and can barely walk. I'd go over there and tell them to move their junk but I think I've probably tempted fate enough for one day.

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