19 August 2009

Chicken or Beef?

Mood: Blah. (It's been a long day)

What I'm Watching: Ghost Hunters (Ghosts totally rock! Well when they're not making a mess in my house!)

Really Peta? You honestly think comparing overweight people to whales in this picture is going to turn my fat arse into a vegetarian?? It's just far more likely to just make me hate self-righteous tree hugging hippies.

Sorry folks but I have to admit that I LOVE meat. Yes, I know, "Meat is Murder" but, in my opinion, it's tasty, tasty murder! I freely admit that I would probably chase a cow down in the field for a good steak, I love me some chicken and yes, I sometimes even eat *gasp* pork on occasion. None of that makes me a bad person, nor is your referring to me as a "whale" likely to motivate me to suddenly decide to become enamoured of the vegan lifestyle.

But, lest you think I have no standards at all, I must assure all of you that is not true. I, too, have my own"ethical standards of food consumption". It's simple really; I don't eat anything that is cute. That's right...if I see it in nature and say "awwww" or if I want to pick it up and cuddle with it, then I won't eat it. So, I don't eat: veal (baby cows are adorable), lamb (just too darned cute), deer (how could I eat Bambi?) and Rabbit (c'mon, who could eat cute little bunnies?) just to name a few. Luckily for me, cows, turkeys, chickens and pigs are incredibly ugly creatures.



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