09 August 2009

Just When You Thought It was Safe...

Mood: Satisfied? (Even though the day was wicked hot so we were stuck inside with the air conditioning, I managed to get quite a bit done on my writing so I'm calling it a win!)

What I'm Watching: Will You Kill For Me? An Account of the Manson Murders (Seriously, how screwed up is this guy and the people who followed him?)

This weekend has been a bit of a bust. The weather has been so hot and humid that we were pretty much housebound the whole weekend. Blah. We had been hoping to go camping but camping in a tent when the heat index tops out at 105° isn't our idea of a good time. So, we've been riding the sofa, watching tv and spending way too much time on the internet.

What I've discovered is that there is a great deal of 'true crime' tv on during the weekend, especially on Sunday. Seriously? Do they think people want to come home from church and watch 6 hours of television dedicated to the dissecting the most heinous crimes to ever be committed? Good. Because I'd hate to think I'm the only one so completely and utterly fascinated by the workings of the human psyche, particularly the criminal mind.

So, since it was 40 years ago this weekend that The Manson Family went on a bloody murderous rampage that left 7 people dead, a lot of the true crime programming has focused on the infamous Manson Family. After watching so many interviews, listening to the witnesses and the family members themselves, I'm still left wondering just what it is that makes someone get to the point where they say "you want me to go into that house and stab everyone? Okay, that sounds like a good idea?" Because personally? I'd like to think I'd say (in my best Gary Coleman imitation) "What the hell you talking about Charlie?!?"

Oh, and FYI? They're letting family member and one of Charles Manson's most ardent supporters, Squeaky Fromme, out on parole this week. I'm not sure all the crazy has been purged from this one so I think I'll be sleeping with one eye open for a while just in case...


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