08 August 2009

It's All Greek To Me!

Mood: Confused (lots of decisions to make, lots of frustration with the writing, lots of internal angst)

What I'm Watching: TMZ (I admit it, I'm hooked on celebrity gossip. Must.have.it!)

Dear Blogger: Why, oh why must you mock my lack of multi-lingual skills? Everytime I try to scroll through blogs, you always bring up those posted in a foreign language. After three years of high school Spanish, I can only manage to order a Coca-cola, ask for the bathroom and say my name. That's it. What makes you think I can read an entire blog written in Chinese or French? Language options? Would be nice and less frustrating for those of us who don't enjoy having our intellectual shortcomings pointed out to us.


A Blogger who has enough trouble with the English language

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