07 June 2011

Bad Boys, Bad Boys...Whatcha Gonna Do?

Mood: Stressed

Hubs got pulled over yesterday on his way home from work for a loud muffler. This? Was a totally fair stop considering he technically has no muffler and most of his exhaust system is currently laying on the floor in the hallway outside our apartment door.

However, once the officer made the stop something prompted him to go all COPS on hubs.

Officer: "Where are you coming from?"
Hubs: Work
Officer: Where are you going?
Hubs: Home

"Sir, can you please step out of the car?"

At which point, the officer decided that hubs looked so dangerous he needed to be completely patted down for weapons and drugs.

What the officer found? A work badge, a cell phone and a pen drive hooked to the cell phone in a nerdtastic pen drive case. Apparently there was something about the sheer level of nerdiness that then prompted the officer to think that hubs MUST be hiding all of his contraband in his car.

Yep, he was totally rolling White and Nerdy.

Officer: "Sir, do you have a problem with me searching your car?"
Hubs: "I guess not"
Officer: "Do you have any knives, weapons, or drugs I should know about?"
Hubs: "Uh, no"
Officer: "You sure?"

Really? *sighs for the state of law enforcement* Hubs then had to stand on the side of the road in 95° heat while the officer rifled through every little corner of his vehicle. Finally, a half hour later, hubs was allowed to go on his way without even a warning for the muffler.

I suspect that the officer either A: realized what an idiot he had been.

Or B: Seriously needed a shower after having spent an half hour in the heat going through the toxic waste dump that is my hub's car.

Either way, I cannot believe that hubs didn't ask the question "what about my nerdy self and my 14 year old craptastic car with 250,000 miles on it made you think, drug dealer?" Because I'm seriously intrigued. Was it the white fuzzy teddy bear he has on his dashboard (with a pink ribbon around its neck) or maybe it was the fuzzy blue teddy bear print blanket in the back seat? Or possibly the kindergarten nap mat? Really? What about this set up screams "I MUST be hiding tons of illegal drugs and weapons!?!"

I guess, like the owl and the tootsie pop, the world may never know...