31 July 2009

Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Mood: Stuffed (really, we just ate dinner and it's the only thing I can think right now...I ate way too much!)

What I'm watching: The Simpsons (Was never allowed to watch this as a child...mom thought that Bart was a bad influence...I consider this delayed rebellion but I totally heart the Simpsons!)

Dear Hollywood:

Are you completely out of original ideas? The occasional remake, I can forgive. Once in a while bringing a television show to the big screen...most of the time this is a grievous error but somewhat understandable, after all, sometimes we all get a little lazy and phone it in. But really? Remaking Footloose, The Karate Kid, The Birds, Fame, AND Friday the 13th (honestly? After 5 million sequels haven't we all had enough of Jason Voorheis?)? Isn't that just shameful, unmitigated laziness?


A disgruntled movie goer.

Also? This could be cc'd to the fashion industry, only, of course, substituting the reintroduction of leggings under tulle crinoline skirts, leg warmers, jelly shoes, crimped hair, neon splashed clothing, airbrushed t-shirts, plaid pleated skirts and the side ponytail for the litany of movie re-makes. Honestly? I'm one mall bang and slouch sock sighting away from thinking I've fallen into a time warp back to 1985!

And what's really sad about the whole situation is that I'm old enough to sigh and shake my head at an entire generation of kids young enough to think that the movies are new and the fashions are trendy.

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