05 September 2009

Crazy, Unique or Uniquely Crazy?

Mood: Pleasantly Sleepy (once again, it's way past my bedtime)

What I'm Watching: A Haunting (Interesting story but I could do without the cheesy special effects. Also? Seriously doubting the sanity of anyone who would remain in a place where he was being terrorized by unseen demonic forces.)

Current Word Count: 8,173 (Pathetic, I know, but it's still a higher number than it was yesterday).

I know that every family has one or two "special" people. You know, Great Aunt Minnie who gets drunk and has tea with President Lincoln every Saturday afternoon or Grandpa George who needs his meds or he'll be thinking that he's still fighting in WWII?

When I was a kid, these were the people we lovingly tolerated at family gatherings. We tried to help them as best we could and adults would talk about them in hushed tones, telling us kids that we weren't to laugh at them...that they had "problems". Of course, now I know "problems" was code for "completely and totally insane".

Luckily, we've come a long way since those days. Now it's far more socially acceptable to be medicated for everything from depression to anxiety to OCD. I actually know very few people who aren't popping a little white pill or two to make the world a friendlier place. No longer do we talk about these people in hushed tones, instead we compare notes, swap medication recommendations and provide support for one another. I think it's great.

However. There's a limit. And I think the Japanese may just have driven past that limit at 100 mph. Seems the wife of their newly elected prime minister has written a book in which she claims to have flown in a UFO to the planet Venus where she made immediate friends with the native peoples on that planet. She also asserts that she knew Tom Cruise in a previous life when he was Japanese.

In most civilized countries this poor woman would be at least looked at as completely off her nut and in need of some serious psychiatric intervention. In Japan? She's the new prime minister's wife and it seems the Japanese people are not a bit bothered by her claims. Apparently the people embrace her as "unique".

Hmmm...I'm thinking this is the kind of unique that doesn't get to use sharp scissors.


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