02 September 2009

As the World Turns...

Mood: Ready for the long holiday weekend (is that really a mood? Probably not, but it's definitely how I'm feeling right now!)

What I'm watching: The Simpsons (I'm really starting to get on board with the life philosophy of Homer Simpson...mmmm....donuts).

Couple of quick thoughts before I head to bed tonight:

First, Michael Jackson. Really? This guy died what, a month ago? And he's still hanging around on ice waiting to be put in his final resting place? What the heck have they been waiting for? Seriously? Get the guy in the ground and be done with it. Also? I just read that a judge ordered that the Jackson estate pay for Michael's memorial service. You think? It's not like this guy was a President or anything...he was an entertainer so why should anyone but the family even be considered as financially responsible for his memorial service(s)?

Second, I just read an article about a person who finally snapped and smacked a crying toddler in a Wal-Mart. The problem? This toddler wasn't his kid to smack. Of course, based on my recent experiences shopping in Wal-Mart (or anywhere else for that matter), I could have told you that it wasn't his kid because it seems that parents are completely immune to the screaming, kicking, crying and general obnoxiousness of their own offspring. Honestly? I can certainly understand the complete and total irritation that occurs in those situations but this guy smacked the wrong person. Smacking the inattentive parent that allows such behavior to continue unchecked? Well, haven't we all been tempted to do that once in a while?

Finally, Susan Adkins, infamous member of the Manson Family, is back up for parole. She's suffering from a terminal brain cancer, is paralyzed over 85% of her body and cannot even be moved to a wheelchair. Yet, she has routinely been denied parole based on the severity of her crimes and the threat that she still poses to society. Logic would say that she doesn't pose much of a threat as a complete invalid on her death bed but it's really difficult to drum up any sympathy for a cold blooded killer.

P.S. The neighbors have finally picked up their papers but there is a horrible stench in the hallway so now am confused re: possible domestic killing across the hall.


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