14 September 2009

Didn't We Cover This in Kindergarten?

Mood: Saddened (Just heard that Patrick Swayze has passed away. I had so hoped he'd be one of the rare few who would beat pancreatic cancer. He fought the good fight, may he rest in peace.)

What I'm Watching: Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy (This dude is so freaking funny: "Why do you drink diet soda? So I can eat regular cake!"....gotta love that!)

Current Word Count: 8,475 (absolutely shameful!)

First it was Representative Joe Wilson shouting "You Lie!" as President Obama was addressing Congress, then it was Kanye West jumping up and taking the mic from Taylor Swift at the VMA's. Seriously? Are there people that just missed elementary school entirely? Who doesn't remember their teachers standing at the front of the class with that annoyed I wish I could beat every single one of you little heathens look on his/her face saying "No one speaks while I'm speaking!"?

And assuming you missed the many "listen while others are speaking" lectures during your tenure at various educational institutions, certainly your parental units would have mentioned that it was impolite to interrupt while others were speaking or, at the very least, slapped you upside the head and told you to 'shut the hell up!'.

However, since it's obvious that some people fell through the cracks, here it is: You don't have to like what's being said. You don't have to agree with what's being said. Hell, you don't even have to listen to what's being said but if you are at an event and you are not the one up front with a microphone then keep your ass in your seat and a piece of duct tape over your mouth or I'll send my mother over to slap the stupid out of you!

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