01 September 2009

Random Blogginess

Mood: Slightly out of sorts (Not quite sure what's going on...vaguely frustrated with life right now)

What I'm Watching: More To Love (Yep. More silly reality tv...I've embraced my inner reality tv junkie!)

Just some random mini-blogness tonight:

  • Have noticed fighting neighbors across the hall have not picked up their papers for the last couple of nights. Hoping they're just away for a while but keeping nose out for any funny smells coming from their apartment.

  • The local Cable Company? Officially on my list! I pay an obscene amount of money for cable service and really? watching my channels randomly flip from one to the other every 2 seconds for nearly 15 minutes just because their emergency alert system had gone haywire is the last in a long line of reasons why I'd like to tell them to take their cable service and...well...fill in the rest with your favorite analogy here. However, due to my recently admitted shameful addiction to reality tv and our inability to have a satellite system installed (thank you stupid landlord), I'm forced to keep the cable service...for now.

  • Mother nature seems to be confused as the weather is currently more in keeping with early to mid October than the first of September. I love fall weather but I'm hoping that this doesn't mean that we'll be having an early and hard winter....hope it just means a longer autumn, which would be lovely.

  • Finally put in for some vacay time at work! YAY!!! The first week in November is all MINE! Can't go anywhere because Scott still doesn't have vacation time but after 3 years with no time off, it's time to just take a break from the office...even if it's just staring at the walls and watching stupid daytime tv!

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