24 August 2011

WIP Wednesday

Mood: Stressed (it was one of THOSE days!) 

I'm working on my shiny new idea - we're in the honeymoon phase - it's a pretty, sparkly idea with no bad habits and it's just perfect and we're going to be happy together forever and ever!*

As with all shiny new ideas, this one requires that I do some research because, while I am a walking encyclopedia of useless information, I don't know everything.**

This week, my topics of research have included the following:
  • how long DNA results take
  • how long a body takes to decompose in water - in the summer
  • Whether bodies can be identified by standard means (dental records, etc.) or if a DNA test has to be done to confirm. 
  • Post traumatic stress syndrome
  • Psychopathic tendencies
All interesting topics but I fear that I'm going to have some 'splaining to do if the FBI ever decides to check into my on-line activity. 

*Or until it starts leaving its wet towels on the floor, refusing to cooperate and just generally being a major pain in my ass. 
** I know, it surprises me too. Also, do NOT tell my husband I just admitted that. 



  1. You had me at decompose... ;) I can't wait to hear more about this!

  2. "You had me at decompose" LOL - this is why I LOVE writers! I'm excited about this idea and I'll probably be tapping you for some feedback when I get further along. :)


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