12 August 2011

The Friday Five

Mood: Happy (It's the weekend baby! Although I'm a bit bummed b/c the hubs and I wanted to go camping but it's supposed to rain and while I don't mind camping in the rain, I loathe setting up and taking down in the rain). 

It's Friday, so it's time once again for the Friday Five!

So, the five random things knocking about the back of my brain today?

1.) Our new veggie to try this week is turnip. After my reaction to the Eggplant of Doom, I'm a bit nervous about trying the turnip. What if it's a TURNIP OF DOOM????

<-----------   See? Scary TURNIP OF DOOM! 

2.) I'm really, really loving the cooler weather that has been visiting our area for the last couple of days. It reminds me that fall isn't that far away.

3.) Speaking of fall, I totes love our new fall candle holders that we found at Walgreen's.

Super cute. We plan to fill them with some candy corn to stabilize the candles that we put in them. I think they'll be perfect fall centerpieces.

4.) I've been doing the low carb diet thing for almost 2.5 months now. It's working well (I'm down nearly 45 pounds! Yay and stuff) but there are times that I think I'd sell a kidney for a spoonful of mashed potatoes. #carbsaremycrack

5.) I've been watching a marathon of the show "A Haunting". Little piece of advice? If you go to look at a house and the current owners have boarded up rooms, run out and left everything including food in the fridge or are willing to part with it for a ridiculously low price? You probably want to keep right on moving. Just saying...


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