23 August 2011

Tuesday Tunes - Empire Records Edition

Mood: Confused? Meh.

Time to show the little known, very underrated Empire Records some blog love

Sugar High! Couldn't find a version of the actual movie clip that would allow me to embed but I did find this nice edit without the movie playing and that works too! P.S. I only like the version of this song as it's played in the movie - the actual full version? Is a little too rated R.

I Want Money - Lots of Money - Joe's Money! A tribute to Lucas!

It's Rex Manning Day! Also? Video Killed the Radio Star...just saying...

I could keep going here because this movie is just made of dorky awesome so check it out. Seriously!

So Bloggie friends, what random earworms are travelling about in your brains today? Any movie soundtracks that just get stuck in  your head from time to time?

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