17 August 2011

Adventures in Writing

Mood: Happy - my sister's baby is perfectly healthy (there was some concern) and a BOY! We will be welcoming my new little nephew sometime toward the end of October. 

This is how my writer's brain has been feeling lately:

funny pictures - Too manee shinees fur my brain to handul!I've had tons of shiny new ideas running around in my head - each trying to claw their way out into the real world. Some good and some, well, remember that Eyes Wide Shut* was once someone's idea. *sigh*

And then there's my completed manuscript that I've tucked away for a while. I've come to realize that it doesn't just need edits, it needs a massive rewrite. *sighs louder* I still love the story and I'm crazy about my characters but I think it needs to rest a while longer before I start picking it apart again.

So, while I'm constantly writing, plotting, outlining and researching it seems like I'm spinning my wheels in mud and going nowhere fast.

I did start work on a new project last night that has me really excited so hopefully I'll soon break free of the mud. If not, someone feel free to give me a push. **

*That? Was a truly awful movie. I still want my 2 hours back. And Tom Cruise? No. Just NO! 
**and if the push is in the direction of cake? That would be made of awesome. 



  1. Hope it is going well, and the characters have taken over to write it for you. :)

  2. Thanks! They seem a bit reluctant to take over - I suspect they're just as lazy as I am. :)


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