09 March 2011

WIP Wednesday

Mood: Cranky (really, really cranky) 

I'm currently knee deep in the editing process (yes, still so shut up already) but I am making at least some progress as evidenced by the following snapshot I took of my computer screen not more than 5 minutes ago

That rainbow of colors? Deleted text, added text, moved text and helpful notes like "really? can she STOP looking around the damn room already?*" BUT. If you look closely** you will see that there are a few words here and there that escaped completely unscathed. Those are the words*** around which I am building my second draft.

With any luck the suckage factor of my second draft will be infinitely less than that of the first but if it's one thing I've learned through the writing process it's to never underestimate my ability to suck.****
*seriously, I think I may have accidentally given my main character whiplash from all the looking around the room she did.

**verra verra closely

***mostly gems like "the", "and" & "I"

****that and no matter how well the writing is going if you don't take that pee break things are going to get VERY uncomfortable. A little friendly writerly advice there - just saying..



  1. How did you get all your pages on your screen like that? Is that Scrivener?

    Good luck with revisions. It's a special kind of hell.


  2. Lola - no, it's actually just plain old MS Word. At the bottom right hand corner there's a slider bar that allows you to set the size of your page. Make the pages small enough and you start getting 2 - 3 pages per screen. 3 per screen is about as small as my eyes can handle.

    Thanks - I have a feeling I'm going to need all the luck I can with this. UGH!



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