10 March 2011

Tell The Truth Thursday

Mood: Sore (Video Game Barbie is going down - seriously) 

My truths this Thursday:

1.) I'm ridiculously obsessed with the Charlie Sheen saga. I get that his little red choo-choo has gone right round the bend and that's sad but I can't.stop.watching.

2.) I totes want this shirt

3. I've given up nothing for Lent. I'm hoping God doesn't keep really close tabs on things like this.

4. There has been a black garbage bag in the hallway outside the neighbors apartment door for the last 3 days. I have half convinced myself that there must be body parts inside because that's somehow better in my mind than the idea that the neighbor has just dumped her trash in the hallway to rot for all eternity.

So, bloggie friends, what are your truths today?



  1. Okay, now that shirt is just plain awesome. You should definitely get it.

    I didn't give up anything either. My daughter suggested Coke Zero. I told her I wasn't THAT religious.

    Here's hoping those are body parts in that trash bag! ;)

  2. I know, I'll have to convince the hubs that I *need* the shirt. :)

    See, I think there are some things that God would not want us to give up. Coke Zero might be on that list. Also on the list: the internet, Facebook, tea, chocolate, and carbs.

  3. I didn't give up anything either.
    Love the shirt. :)

    Happy weekend,

  4. Lola - :) Still trying to convince hubs that my life can't possibly be complete without that epic shirt! :)

    Have a great weekend - hope you're safe from all this crazy mess.


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