08 March 2011

Tuesday Tunes

Mood: Weary (is it really only Tuesday?)

Lest everyone think that I only watch tv, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some totally random earworms that have recently infected my brain. Don’t judge me – my brain is a very weird place.

Grenade – Bruno Mars
Dude? If people are lopping grenades at her you might want to rethink your level of devotion. Just saying…but the song is still pretty epic.

Secrets – The Pierces
Okay, so the video is creepy and the whole “kill your friend because she knows your secrets” part of the song is a bit creepy but I still love it. I don’t want to think about what this means.

This is The Day – The The
I seriously love this song – lots of fun and used in the completely awesome but severely underrated Empire Records.

There you have it bloggery friends – my current earworms. What about you? What songs are buzzing against your eardrums refusing to leave? 



  1. AWEsome selection of music. Although, admittedly not entirely without creep factor. That grenade song is sort of like the song version of "I stalk you and watch you while you sleep." At one time, I thought that was romantic. Okay, it still is a little.

  2. Apparently sometimes in music "creepy stalker" = "romantic guy". LOL. Still - that guy hauled a big ass piano up a hill to play her a song. *looks at hubs* Pretty sure he wouldn't do that for me.

    *runs off to ask hubs why he won't haul a piano up a hill to play me a song*


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