17 March 2011

Tell The Truth Thursday

Mood: Irish (it's St. Patty's day so it can be a mood) 

My truths this Thursday

1.) I am part Irish but I don't like corned beef and cabbage.* This was a source of eternal disappointment to my grandmother who was very proud of our Irish heritage.

2.)  It would seem that my OCD is expanding to include friends and family.I spent part of this evening with my sister at prompt care. As we were leaving I whipped out my hand sanitizer and demanded that everyone with me be degermed as well. **

3.) I've been taking a spring break from both my healthy eating and exercise regime. I'm not saying that this is a great idea but I was so tired of always worrying about every calorie eaten and burned that my brain was about to explode - so I gave myself  a week off. ***

What are your truths this Thursday?

* Corned beef and cabbage smells like feet but I totally LOVE potatoes so I figure it evens out.
** In my defense prompt care is filled with nothing but super germy people and friends and family will thank me when they don't have to suffer through the plague.
*** This may or may not have been cleverly timed to take advantage of the reappearance of the Shamrock Shake.


  1. I hate going to the doctor's. I'm always afraid I'll get even sicker. I'm a total freak with my hand sanitizer, too. So are my kids. My youngest calls it hanitizer and demands to use it every five seconds.

    Enjoy your spring break, I say. I ate almost an entire bag of Lays today. Like, not a mini bag.

    Also, I've never had corned beef and cabbage, but we have this Irish Pub that makes the best cabbage rolls. I think they might have corned beef in them, but they taste too good to worry about it.

  2. Carol - I'm right there with you on the doctor's office. I loathe going - especially if it's just for a 'check-up' because I know I'm going to leave with the germs of half the town on me.

    Also, my family may have thought I was crazy for the hand sanitizer but turns out my sister had e-coli so they should be seriously thanking me for my 'hanitizer' obsession (and how cute is that? - I love that the little one calls it hanitizer).

    Alas, my spring break has come to an end but it taught me a very important lesson - everyone needs some chocolate, chips and serious sofa surfing time now and again. :)


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