21 July 2009

Craptastic Neighbors

Mood: Frustrated (Writing is not always as easy as one might think).

What I'm watching: Hell's Kitchen (I totally heart Chef Ramsay, especially when he throws someone out of the kitchen within the first hour of the new season!).

To the people across the hall:

I understand that the storage options in our small apartments are extremely limited but piling random bits of your crap overflow into the communal hallway? NOT cool. And, why is it that every morning/evening there's a different pile of crap? It's like your apartment is some sort of crap filled clown car!

Also? You smoke. A LOT. So, walking by a stack of boxes, a large bag of dirty clothes and an old mattress (can I just say GROSS!?!) surrounded by an overwhelming cloud of stale, cheap cigarette smoke just to get in and out of our home? NOT acceptable!


Your neighbor (who is desperately trying to find something in the terms of our lease that protects us from the craptastic overflow from neighboring apartments.)

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