02 March 2010

Merrie Monday!

Mood: Frustrated (had a fantastically brilliant blog post all written out and my computer/blogger decided to wig and now? Brilliant post is no more)

What I'm Watching: Are You Being Served? (Are you free Mr. Humphries?)

Since Blogger, my computer and the fates called Monday conspired against me and my bloggery efforts tonight, and since I'm too tired to even begin to attempt to recreate anything remotely blog-worthy, I'm just going to start "Merrie Monday"!

That's right, every week Monday, my old nemesis, comes around to play havoc with my life. It drags me out of my bed at the crack of dawn, immediately erasing the relaxation of the weekend with an ice cold dousing of work week stress. But today? Today I claim a small bit of Monday for me and for every other person who is being unwillingly dragged from their lazy weekends into the hectic work week.

We need giggles, we need laughter, we need some fun!!! :) So, without further ado, I bring you some Merrie Monday Moments for your enjoyment!

My favorite comedian: Gabriel Iglesias...he's freaking hilarious! :)

For my writer type friends...admit it, it's kind of funny!



  1. Hahahahahaha!!!! Dude, I'm so glad someone is finally taking Mondays back! Muahahahahaha!! So very wicked and sly.

    And funny is heck. Did I mention that? Love this guy.

    But before I go, why did you post a picture of my bathroom?

  2. See what happens when I get cranky? I start taking over days of the week!!! :)

    And the picture? Weeellll...the restraining order was only for 30 feet and you'd be amazed what you can do with a telephoto lense these days.

    *looks around innocently*


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