25 February 2010

What's Wrong With Being a "Loser"???

Mood: Cranky (I get that way when I'm sick)

What I'm Watching: Olympics (specifically, I'm sitting through Nordic combined because the announcer guy keeps promising me figure skating. He's a freaking liar and yet I keep hoping...epic fail!)

WoooHooo!!! I got new blog bling! :) Carol over at Carol's Prints has graciously given me another sparkly blog award and we all know how much I love sparkly blog awards...so, squueeeeee!!!!

Carol is an absolutely amazingly funny, friendly and creative chickie. If you're not following her, you totally should be. Seriously. Now. (and I totally would have said that even if she hadn't given me an award...it just would have been a bit more awkward and stalker like.)

It's no secret that I've been spending most of my time over the last couple of weeks watching the Olympics. I've tweeted about it, blogged about it and shamefully neglected my writing to watch hours of skiing, skating and hockey. Okay, not hockey. I just really, really don't like hockey.*

So it's probably no surprise that I was watching the Olympics when I read that Carol had given me this latest blogging award and I was all "Sqqquuuuueeeeee!!! Carol's given me some new blog bling...how awesome am I?" But then I look up at the television screen and I see some guy getting a gold medal for skiing faster than anyone elese in the world and I was all "Wow. He's got an Olympic gold medal and I'm probably not that awesome after all."

Then I started really thinking about the Olympics and the medals and I started wondering why we don't ever see, say, the guy in 11th place celebrating like it's the time of his life? I mean, sure, he didn't win the gold but heck, he's at the Olympics and he's #11 out of all the people in his sport. In the world. When you think about it 11 is pretty kick ass! Heck, #20 is pretty amazing and #25 is no slouch either.

If I had a book on the New York Times Best Seller list at #11 I'd be out of my mind excited. There would be celebrating, there would be jumping up and down, heck, there might even be dancing! I wouldn't be fussing about not being in first place (Evgeni Plushenko? I'm totally looking at you here), I'd be too busy celebrating my success at #11.

So, maybe I don't have a gold medal, or even a silver or a bronze, but I've got a super cool awesome piece of new blog bling and that is pretty darn awesome!!! Maybe even dance worthy!

*My apologies to my Canadian friends.


  1. You would be a winner whether you finished 1st or 11th, Rhonda! Congrats on your award. :-)

  2. @Shannon: Awww...you're too sweet. :)


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