15 March 2010

Merrie Monday!

Mood: Tired (stupid time change)

What I'm Watching: (Operation Repo - Seriously? You know if you haven't made your car payment...no judgement, everyone has hard times, but why fuss and fight over it?)

Once again Monday has reared it's ugly head and to add to the fun? We have the beginning of Daylight Saving Time to add a certain level of annoying exhaustion to the day. However, the day has not been without it's perks....in the spirit of Merrie Monday Blogginess:

1.) I got my signed copy of "Flirting With Disaster" by the super fab Rhonda Stapleton! In addition, she slipped in a matching bookmark!! Really, it's just awesome. :)

2.) Okay, so there's really not another Merrie Monday perk in my life to report so I'll just throw this in for your general amusement:

For the record: Math always makes me feel the exact same way!

And, because I'm missing my maltese puppy who crossed the rainbow bridge many years ago:


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