28 March 2010

My Laptop, Myself..

Mood: Frustrated (this has been a very long weekend)

What I'm Watching: The Simpsons (Homer in the Holy Land? Classic)

This? Is my computer. Well, not my computer but one exactly like mine. She's purple with pretty flowers and very girlie. She's the first new laptop that I've ever had and she's all mine! I seriously love my laptop and, as a writer, I depend on her to do my job. I need her.

So I was understandably upset when she started freezing and locking up on Friday night. I tried all the standard stuff...checking for viruses and spyware but nothing seemed to appease her.

Luckily the hubs is a computer technician so he did some exploratory surgery on her and discovered that there was a lack of proper heat grease stuff (technical term) on her processor and this was causing her to have some wicked hot flashes which would cause her to overheat and lock up.

So, we cracked her open and did some more intensive surgery to replace the heat grease stuff. Just in case you were wondering? It looked something like this:

After surgery the overheating issues were resolved but there were some long lasting issues with her operating system. After all the trauma she'd endured many of her files had become corrupt and her operating system was no longer fully functional.

We had no other option but to pull the plug and start over. I had to wipe her hard drive, reinstall windows and all of her software. Which left me looking a lot like this (only fatter) for the entire weekend:

After hours of stress, worry and just plain old frustration, my pretty purple computer is happily recovered from her traumatic experience and I? Am about a pint of Hagan Daaz Butter Pecan ice cream away from being sufficiently drugged with enough fat and sugar to not care about my wasted weekend.



  1. That is a pretty laptop poor thing - it's so hard to be without a computer. Glad you got her up and running again. Ice cream always makes it all better.

  2. Your poor beautiful laptop. So glad she's recovered, but what a difficult weekend for you.

    I always wondered what the technical term was for that stuff. These scientists, always coming up with difficult words to pronounce. I wonder if they have a layman's term for heat grease stuff. Sure would be nice if they did.

    Please tell me you had your writing backed up. I am now freaking out a little reading your post because I have not backed up my manuscripts in a while. Eeeeep!!

  3. @Mary : YES! It is very hard to be without a computer..well, one that is functioning anyway. She was fairly useless as a paper weight. I'm just grateful that the hubs was able to diagnose the issue and we were able to get her fixed. *fingers crossed, knocking on wood, etc.*

    @Carol: LOL...The layman's term for "heat grease stuff"? Hmmm.."That white stuff what's stuck on that shiny part in there" (only you have to say it with a southern accent or it doesn't come out right). :)

    Also? Yes, I had my writing backed up. Otherwise this blog post would have been far more filled with freaking out, threats and temper tantrum throwing. The other good thing about being married to a computer geek is that we have back-ups of our back-ups. Seriously. It's sad.

    I have my writing backed up to my usb drive and saved to my hubs hard drive as well. Then the hubs backs up his hard drive to a larger pen drive, a back up external hard drive AND every couple of months he puts all that information on a few DVD's and we put that in our fire safe.

    I think it might be overkill but hub has seen too many people lose too many important documents in a computer crash to take any chances.


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