14 February 2010

Happy Single Persons Appreciation Day!

Mood: Happy (Have had a decent weekend w/ the hubs. Still waiting for the appearance of my new neice/nephew...baby is being stubborn and my sister is being a trooper. No one should have to be in labor for over a week!)

What I'm Watching: Cheaters (I would be watching  the Olympics but stupid NBC is taking a break in coverage to bring me an absolutely useless infomercial)

It's Valentine's Day. That oh so special day that requires people in love to find one perfect gift or gesture that somehow conveys the sum total of affection they feel the other 364 days of the year. Unrealistic much? The truth is that if your partner doesn't appreciate you or show you love through the rest of the year a dozen roses on Valentine's Day probably doesn't mean anything more than the fact that he/she is stupid enough to A. pay way over-inflated floral prices and B. think that a dozen roses is going to "fix" a year's worth of jackassery.

It's not that I have anything against Valentine's Day, I really don't. A day dedicated to being grateful and showing appreciation for the ones we love is actually a great idea. Except for when you're alone. Now, I know that I'm lucky enough to be married to a great guy who has been very nice to me this Valentine's Day (hello? A trip to both B&N and Borders to shop for books? Total V-day win!) but I remember all too well the many Valentine's Days I spent alone being reminded by everyone and everything that I was alone.

Truthfully, I used to loathe Valentine's Day when I was single but if I'd known then what I know now I would have embraced the day as Single Persons Appreciation Day!

I would have:

1.) Accepted that the reason I was alone was not because I would never find anyone to love me but because I refused to settle for someone who was less than the person I deserved.

2.) Not wasted so much time being jealous of those who had a significant other on V-Day. I know now that being married/dating doesn't necessarily = happiness and that no amount of flowers on Feb. 14th can fix a broken and unhappy relationship.

3.) Pampered myself because I deserved it and because no one knows me and what I want/need better than me!

So, if you find yourself  unattached this Valentine's Day, embrace it. Declare it Single Persons Appreciation day and appreciate yourself!!! Enjoy having complete control over the television remote, being able to purchase a Valentine's gift for yourself that is exactly what you want, and what the heck, buy yourself some of your favorite flowers. You deserve them!



  1. LOL! Im single so yay! V-day actually does not bother me one bit bc its also my brother's bday but I LOVE what you said.

  2. Great post! And I LOVE the word jackassery!

  3. Amen! I didn't marry until I was 30, and it sometimes felt like attached people liked to rub it in with all the romantic fakery. My hubby isn't into V-day that much, and I'm realizing how healthy his attitude is. V-day is all so much marketing gimmicks and creating dissatisfaction so we buy stuff that we've been told will satisfy cravings these nuts created in the first place!

  4. @ frankie: Yay you! I hope you did something nice for yourself yesterday...and happy birthday to your brother! My cousin's birthday is also on V-day and the hubs says that if he ever met a girl who had a birthday on Feb. 14th, he'd give it up right then. He says there's no way to live up to the double birthday/v-day whammie! :) LOL.

    @Lisa: Thanks! And I love the word jackassery too...probably because I indulge in so much of it!

    @ Laurel: I married in my *ahem* 'late' 20's and I know exactly what you mean. The hubs and I will usually take Valentine's Day to celebrate together but without the pressure of big elaborate gifts and displays of affection. He knows I LOVE books so he made sure we stopped by the bookstores and we bought a books (squeeee!). I know he loves electronics so I made sure we stopped by some places and he was able to buy some parts he needed to complete a project he's working on. Really, nothing says romance like "Happy Valentine's Day baby, here's your spool of electronic hook-up wire." LOL.

  5. I love this! I love this! I LOVE this! What a beautiful approach to Valentine's Day. My hsuband and I have never really celebrated it, although we usually do some token thing, like go out for dinner, if only because it's an excuse. I think someone else put it best (Eva of Screaming Whispers, I think it was) when she said (paraphrasing): I'd rather a guy were a jackass on Valentine's Day and a great guy the other 364.

    The thing is, I married very young, so I never really celebrated Valentine's Day as a single person. But I can imagine what it must be like for someone to have to spend a "sweethearts" holiday all alone. What a load of tripe, right? So, kudos to you for addressing it. I love this best of all:

    I would have:

    1.) Accepted that the reason I was alone was not because I would never find anyone to love me but because I refused to settle for someone who was less than the person I deserved.

    Beautiful, my dear. And yes, no one should have to spend over a week in labor. That's a frigging tragedy. I'd be hauling your sister's doctor out to the parking lot and giving that guy a severe whooping, shouting, "Pitocin, you SOB! Pitocin! Get on it!!"

    Ok, I'm not a doctor. And yes, remembering my own 5 days of labor makes me a little cranky.

  6. Single person appreciation day - I like it. Perfect advice. Also thank you for your comments about my blogfest piece.

  7. @ Carol: The hubs and I always do something small together as well. Nothing major, no huge gifts or anything but small things to honor the day. Also? You're absolutely right...it's a great excuse for a date night!

    I don't have a medical degree either but I'm ready to start whooping on some people if they don't do something for my sis soon. This is her sixth child and never once has her water broken on its own. She goes into labor, labors hard for days on end, eventually they break her water and 1/2 hour later? We have a baby. Unfortunately, her new doc can't get it through his head that this is what has to happen so he's going to let her labor continue.

    @Mary: Thanks for stopping by!!


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