10 February 2010

Hello Universe, What Did I do To Piss You Off Today?

Mood: Excited (my sister is in labor w/ her 6th child...but she tends to labor for a long time and the baby isn't engaging the way he/she should so it's going to be a long process)

What I'm Watching: TMZ (Harvey totally rocks! *I'm a lawyer*)

This morning we slowly began to dig ourselves out after the snowpocalpyse. While things didn't get nearly as bad as the weathermen predicted they would, we got enough snow, ice and wind to make going outdoors miserable at best. Which is why this was the worst possible morning for the hubs to decide to take off to his job with my car keys in his coat pocket. I asked him to be sure that he didn't have my keys...he assured me he didn't. He was wrong. Mental note to me: don't take hubs word for it...check for yourself!

He works in a town 35 minutes away so bringing the keys to me was not an option. So, I ended up walking to work. Normally this would not be a huge deal. Annoying yes (especially since this is not the first time he's done this), but we don't live that far from my office. However. The path to work? Doesn't really have sidewalks and the grass is currently covered with snow drifts up to my knees.

The snow drifts were bad enough but they hid a layer of pure ice and made it impossible to tell where curbs and ankle twisting dips in the turf were until it was too late. By too late, of course, I mean I fell. A couple of times. Full on face first into the snow in front of God and all creation. By the time I got to work, I was exhausted, out of breath, in pain with wet socks and a purse full of snow. It was noon before I regained the feeling in my frozen feet and legs.

The hubs? Is currently in the doghouse.

In other, happier, news:

Anne over at Anne Riley and Kelly over at Rants, Observations and Other Remarks have both seen fit to award me the Honest Scrap Award! Now, I know I already have that award but there's a tiny little part of me that still goes "Squeeeeeeee!!!" when I get an award. After all, I've not gotten this award from those super bloggers before! Seriously you should totally check out their blogs. Really. Go.

According to the rules of this award, I'm to list 10 honest facts about myself. I've already done this when I accepted the award the first time but, since two more people have seen fit to give me this award, I've decided to give 10 more honest facts about me.

More things you never wanted to know about me:

1.) I suffer from road rage. Seriously. It's horrible. I get behind the wheel of a car and suddenly no one on the road knows how to drive except me. Luckily my rage is confined to yelling w/ the windows rolled up.

2.) I think that faith is far more important than religion.

3.) I'm terrified to fly. Well, it's not so much the flying as the flying and then suddenly not flying anymore that scares me.

4.) I pride myself on being a strong person and being able to take care of myself. This sometimes causes me to appear stubborn and makes it difficult for me to accept help.

5.) My dad beat feet when I was just an infant. I wouldn't know him if he walked up to me right now.

6.) Most of the rest of my family of origin recently converted to Mormonism. I'm okay with their choice but I don't think that they're okay with my choice to remain non-Mormon.

7.) I suffer from OCD. Not in the 'constantly wash your hands' or 'sparkly clean house' sense but in the "obsessive thoughts" sense. Which basically means that I have obsessive, worrisome thoughts without the bonus of having a perfectly clean house.

8.) I can crochet but not knit.

9.) I have an absolutely horrible sense of time. It drives the hubs nuts because I always say "the other day" and it could have been two days, two weeks, two months or two years ago.

10.) I prefer dark chocolate. Really, the darker the better.



  1. Sorry for your walk in the snow! Poor feet and legs! I also had a family member convert to Mormonism, but it didn't last. And dark chocolate is the absolute best!

    Also, Congratulations on your soon to be new niece or nephew!

  2. @Kelly Poor feet and legs is right!! I used and abused muscles I'd forgotten I had! :) We're still waiting for the new little one. After being in labor for three or four days, my sis is back in the hospital tonight with hard labor that seems to be signalling the new little one is ready to meet the world! :) We're all so excited!

  3. So excited for your sister!! I'm sorry she has long labors though :(

    I had a friend in high school who become LDS. We went to different colleges and still kept in touch, but she became really desperate about me joining her faith and I don't do well with people trying to convince me of something so completely personal. I become purposefully contrary when someone tells me I HAVE to try a brand of makeup, imagine an entire religion?

    My dad took off when I was two and my brother was still in utero. His mom forced him to make contact throughout the years. I was relieved to become an adult and sever all ties.

    Your number 4 described me to perfection.

    I'm so happy I read your blog today!!

  4. Thanks! We're super excited too..well, about the baby, not her ongoing labor. :)

    Wow! We do have a lot in common, don't we? Sometimes it's nice to connect with people who have similar experiences or personality quirks. LOL. (we're not stubborn, we're just independant and persistent!) :)

    I'm glad you stopped by my blog and even more excited that it made you happy!! :)


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