29 December 2009

What's That Behind the Blog Tree...

Mood: Harried and hassled (back at work after a long Christmas weekend and have a LOT of stuff to do. It's lunch time so I'm blogging and eating...look at me all multitasking and stuff)

What I'm listening to: Life in a Northern Town by Dream Academy (Viva La 80's!)

Current Word Count: Uh...I've thought about writing, does that count?

We've just come through the Christmas season in my household and, depsite our general anti-social personalities, the hubs and I are actually with it enough to reailze that the season is more about giving than receiving. This awareness keeps us from being forced to sit through those uncomfortable visits from the ghosts of Christmas. Trust me, this is an experience you want to avoid. Christmas past is an absolute downer, Christmas present is okay but a bit unsettling and Christmas future? I don't want to see anything on his radar unless it involves me, a great big pile of money and a pair of size five jeans into which I can actually squeeze more than one of my calves.

Despite doing the whole giving/charity thing, I still can't help getting a thrill everytime someone gives me a gift. I love them...all sparkly, wrapped up and full of possibilities. Sure, it might be a pair of socks but it just might be a new i-pod...who knows?

When I logged into my blog earlier and saw that Laurel over at Laurel's Leaves (seriously, how cool is her name alone?) had left me a gift for my blog I was super excited. Laurel is a YA author and an amazing blogger who manages to seamlessly combine writing tips and tricks, editing issues, general life and her need for a Gilmore Girls book (she really had me at the Gilmore Girls) into one neat and tidy blog. If you haven't checked in at her blog yet you totally should. Really. I mean it.

So, here's my shiny, sparkly new blog bling!

It's the Picasso award and accepting this award requires me to send it along to seven other bloggers and share seven things about myself.

First, the bloggers:

1.) Carol at Carol's Prints (for her unwavering support, her innovative ideas and her amazing sense of humor!)
2.) Sara Fraser at Misadventures of a Modern Mommy (because she's not only surviving motherhood with grace and humor, she's doing it as a writer...also? Because I totally get her desire to punch someone in the supermarket produce section!)
3.) Harley over at her livejournal (for her ability to blog about sarcasm, tackling PTA uber moms, lessons learned at a U2 concert and beer soaked diapers...all on the same page!! The fact that she's a writer is a total bonus here!)
4.) Anne over at Anne Riley (she spells her name with an 'e' which totally appeals to the little girl in me who was, at one time, obsessed with Anne of Green Gables. She's also into giving really good book reviews, writing tips and she's developed a highly scientific means of selecting the winners of her giveaways!)
5.) Jamie over at Bookmom Musings (for her hilarious 'word of the week' entries...which are actual words but seem totally made up; for her random pictures and cartoons that always make me giggle and because she rocked nanowrimo this year!)
6.) Shannon at Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe (Blog wars, triple dog dares and the weblog debut of "Earth Had a Snack"...what's not to love here. Seriously. You need to go check her out!)
7.) Courtney at Work in Progress (For her amazing writing tips...her spreadsheet alone makes my head spin and  her amazing dedication to joining a book club that led her to trying out four or five of them to find a good fit! Also? Her blog is just super cute!)

And now for the 7 random things about me:

1.) I used to be addicted to Days of our Lives. I blame my grandmother and my aunt, but still, the addiction was mine. I haven't watched it in over a decade but I can still tell you what was going on in Salem through most of the 80's and early 90's.

2.) I've never been in an airplane. The mere thought of flying is enough to send me into a panic attack. I blame the disaster made for tv airplane crash movies of the early 80's. Also? I remember watching the news when I was little and it seemed like there was always a plane being hijacked to Cuba or something...I'm sure that didn't help matters any.

3.) I don't like bacon. There, I said it. Most people I know love the stuff and I think it tastes metallic, like blood. Gross!

4.) I work as an administrative assistant in a church. Some people think this would be an easy, stress free job. Those people would be wrong.

5.) I can't stand being around people who make obnoxious noises when they eat. Slurping, smacking your lips, guzzling down a soda like you've been in the desert for the last 40 years? Just no. If the hubs ever turns up with a fork jabbed between his eyes, you'll know why.

6.) As easily irritated as I am, I have amazing patience with people who work retail, fast food and with the public in general. I also have very little patience for customers who are rude to those people. It takes 2 seconds to say "hello" and "thank you" and don't get me started on people in the drive-thru who say "give me..."! They're not your slaves, you can say something more polite like "May I have.." or "I'd like...".

7.) Instead of the 5:30 pm news, I watch TMZ. It's shameful I know but what can I say? I like to think I'm researching the lives of the rich and famous for possible future writing reference but let's face it...I just loves me some celebrity scandal!



  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog and for the award! OMG I love your seven facts! While I am probably one of those people who will end up with a fork in my head, I do work in food services and LOVE people who are polite.
    As a matter of fact, once while I was at an Olive Garden (eating, not serving) the waitress accidentally split a bowl of soup on the man at the table next to mine. The "lady" with him went CRAZY on the server! I don't mean rationally-upset kind of crazy, I'm talking down right I-will-eat-your-soul kind of crazy.
    As a fellow server (with the advantage of dining at another establishment) I let the woman have it. Ten minutes later the woman apologized for causing a scene and being rude to the server.
    *I should also note that my fiance was so embarrassed that he called for the check before hauling me out. We haven't been to Olive Garden since. He didn't understand--he's never worked as a waiter. Oh well. xoxo!

  2. LOL. That's too funny! I have been known to embarrass the hubs by *ahem* gently suggesting that certain customers show some manners and appreciation to those who are serving them! Heck, I've even been known to remind the hubs to say "thank you". Can't tell you how happy that makes him. :)

  3. Testing my comments because my new layout is being a stubborn stupid head! Yes, I realize I sound like I'm five...frustration does not bring out the maturity in me.

  4. Okay, was able to post from a test account, hopefully all the issues with my comment section are now resolved. If not, someone please let me know. *stomps feet in frustration*

  5. Haha! I think we're like twins or something. I'm pretty much with you on everything except maybe planes...they scare the crap out of me, but I've flewn on many (hard to travel back and forth between the US and the UK and Europe without a plane)...oh, and I don't mind bacon in small doses. Everything else...the same, girlfriend.

    By the way, LOVE the new blog layout. I've been thinking of getting a new one myself, but I have no idea where to find others since I'm nowhere near smart enough to create a new one myself.

    Oh, and cognrats on the award...you very much deserve it. And thank you so much for passing it on to me and your lovely words. I'm touched. I shall have to post an award blog soon! <3 <3 <3

  6. Hey girl! Doing a small happy dance of joy that you're able to post on my blog! Glad you like the new layout...took me forever to find one that I liked (I'm not smart enough to do the code myself either LOL). :)

  7. Congrats on the blog award! #7 is my absolute favorite. What is it about TMZ that is so freaking addictive? It's like visual crack. Besides, the real news is too depressing, I'd much rather waste my time making fun of Mario Lopez.

  8. Me? Lil' ole Me? An award? Really? *blushes*

    Thank you SO much! You are WAY too sweet to pick me! Sorry it took me all day to get over here--Wednesdays are always super busy! Great post! Can I use any more exclamation points? I think I need a few more! There! That's better! :)

  9. L/L: (See what I did there? TMZ will totally shorten your names like that when you become super famous) Visual crack?!? LOL. That's too funny and, unfortunately, too true. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets the appeal of spending time making fun of Mario Lopez!! :)

    Shannon: Yes, Lil' ole you!!! <---- totally jumping on the exclamation point bandwagon. :) How could I not after reading Earth Had Snack?!?

  10. I'm loving the new layout now that I figured out how to post comments. Doh!

    Talk about kindred spirits--someone who loves Anne and Gilmore Girls and 80s music!! Life in a Northern Town reminds me of everything awesome from my teen years. I'm glad you found me in the blogosphere!

    And thanks for all your kind words. I kinda hated my name for a long time. I couldn't even pronounce it myself till I was in first grade. Little kids often end up calling me Whoa-whoa, which is just so, so embarrassing.

  11. :) I'm so glad you figured out how to post a comment here!! You weren't the only one having issues (as evidenced by my super cool "testing" post!) and I was starting to worry that I was going to have to go back to the old layout. That would have been sad because this one rocks so much harder than the last one.

    I love your name. It's classically romantic without being overly weird. But, I can totally relate to the angst brought on by a name. I've had people tell me they love my name too. Right. Try telling me that after you've heard a chorus of "Help Me Rhonda" for the billionth time. It never gets old. Really. And my little nephews can't say my name either. It started out as Rah-Rah...which wasn't too bad, but now it's morphed into "Duh". LOL. Nothing like having 4 little magpies shouting "DUH!" at you to make you really LOVE your name. :)


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