24 April 2009

Every Woman Needs a Tiara!

Mood: Sleepy (It's nearly midnight...waaaaaayyyyy past my bedtime!)

What I'm watching: Reba (She totally cracks me up and Barbara Jean? Funniest husband stealer/best friend/neighbor. Ever.)

Today is Friday and the official end of Administrative Assistant's week. In honor of my newly minted title, my contributions to the efficient running of the office were celebrated in grand style. There was a surprise luncheon complete with cake and ice cream (YUM!) and I finally got my official Administrative Assistant Tiara! It's sparkly, pretty and makes me feel special...not in the "don't eat the paste" way that I usually feel!

I find myself holding my head high as I make my way to the copier, attempting to keep perfect posture as I wrestle a paper jam from the printer and giving the royal wave as I chase people down to give them their messages. It made me feel so much better at work that I thought I'd try it at home. Dishes? Totally more fun when you're wearing a crown. Cleaning the toilet? Much better when you catch site of yourself sporting a sparkly crystal crown in the bathroom mirror.

So, get yourself out and buy yourself a tiara, declare yourself queen of the office, the bathroom, the kitchen or the whole universe and give the neighbors a royal wave as you haul the trash out the curb. Sure, they may question your sanity but eccentricity is the exclusive right of the rich and the royal so embrace your quirky side and carry your tiara with pride!!

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