03 May 2009

Adventures in Domestic Sciences

Mood: Happy...sort of (it's been a long day but I've more or less pleased with the results of my efforts and can't be completely happy because I'm intensely craving a blue raspberry ICEE.)

What I'm Watching: King of the Hill (Who knew that the guy who helped create the annoyingly stupid Beavis and Butthead could also create the genious of Hank Hill and Boomhauer. And Dale Gribble? Might not be as paranoid as everyone suspects him to be...I'm just sayin').

I have a confession to make. Despite my overacheiving, obsessive-compulsive must maintain a perfect 4.0 - having a nervous breakdown over my first 'B' (because I was sure that 'B' meant I was an absolute idiot who was doomed to work the slurpee machine for the rest of my life...Yes. I've always been over the top dramatic and obviously hadn't completely plugged in to just how fun running the slurpee machine could actually be) academic career, there is a rather large skeleton lurking in my academic closet.

Home Ec. Sewing, cooking, setting a proper table, etc.? So NOT my thing. While I sailed through honors Math, Science and English I struggled with properly running a sewing machine. Bobbins still confuse me (how the hell does that work?), patterns make no sense (and why do they make it out of such thin freaking paper?), and my one sewing project? Looked like it had been made by a drunk blind person on crack. The teacher gave me a pity 'C' because she knew how hard I'd tried. Yep. Even with concerted effort, that's the best I could do.

So, after weeks of looking for the perfect laptop case with no luck whatsoever, what do I decide to do? Make.my.own. What the hell was I thinking? I don't sew. I can barely thread a needle and now I'm trying to modify patterns, create pockets, and *gasp* use a newly purchased craft grade sewing machine.

The good news is that I found some super cute fabric so the laptop case will be competely funky if I finish it and if, in fact, it even resembles a laptop case when I'm done. *Sigh* At this point the most I can hope for is that it will look good enough that, instead of thinking that it was made by a drunk blind person on crack, people will think that it was made by an only slightly tipsy 80 year old woman with cataracts.

Never fear. Pictures will be posted when the project is finished so that the mocking may commence.

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