13 April 2009

What's In a Name (or a title)?

Mood: Blah (yes, that is indeed a mood. It's Monday morning, it's raining cats and dogs and I have to be at work...blah pretty much covers it).

What I'm Listening To: "And She Was" (I'm, like, totally in an 80's mood thanks to the neverending stream of 80's nostalgia going on over at Jennsylvania).

At the end of last week my boss came to me with a very serious question indeed. He wanted to know if I was offended by the use of the title "Secretary". Hmmm...interesting question. Honestly? I hadn't ever given it much thought at all. Certainly my job description has expanded beyond anything that could remotely be called simply 'secretarial'; however, I've never been hung up on all the "PC" crap. Call me the secretary, the office bitch, the chief cook and bottle washer...whatever. The job is the job and if no one is willing to give me a throne (besides the porcelain variety) and crown me (with a very pretty tiara) the queen of the universe, then it really doesn't matter what you call me, does it?

See, that's where I would be wrong. My boss, not wanting to diminish my contributions to the efficient running of, well, everything around here, decided I needed a title change. So, from last Friday forward, I am officially an Administrative Assistant. Despite my pouting, the position comes with neither a tiara nor a throne but I did get to order my own super cool new Admin. Assistant name plate, change the website and publications to reflect my new status and, in a very somber ceremony, my boss used a plastic knife (that we'd used to cut fudge that some thoughtful angel had left on my desk) to officially 'knight' me as the Administrative Assistant.

I work in a very weird and wonderful world.

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