23 March 2009

A Monday Mini-Blog

Mood: Thankful

What I'm Watching: Table for 12 (It's the first episode but really? The idea of two sets of twins and one set of sextuplets is making me really grateful for my currently child-free, blissfully silent home!)

It was 6:58 this morning when my loving husband and I decided to re-enact one of the more famous scenes from Home Alone:

It started when I rolled over, bleary eyed, half asleep, trying to focus on the clock on my bedside table when suddenly I realize something is very, very wrong. 6:58? No, that can't be right. I close my eyes, blink hard and look again. Nope. Still 6:58 am.

6:58??? Scott is supposed to be on the road to work at 6:50!

"Scott!!! We slept in! Get up!"

After the world's fastest showers, I doubled checked the alarm clock. It was set right, it was turned on, the time was right, but it still failed to awaken me with its insistent, annoying buzzing. Yes, it's cute, with brightly colored numbers (really? They don't need to be bright enough to bring in a 747, but that's an issue for another day) but an alarm clock is really only useful if the alarm actually sounds at the set time!!!!

Luckily, Scott made it to work on time and no speeding tickets were incurred in his flash flight to the office, but what a start to a Monday morning!

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