27 March 2009

It's all a bit fuzzy!

Mood: Disappointed (my glasses aren't in yet)

What I'm watching: 20/20 (Normally I wouldn't be watching this but the scoop on the fued between Tori Spelling and her mom is too much of a gossipy temptation to be avoided!)

The world is a very fuzzy place sometimes. My eyesight isn't so bad that I can't function but lately I've noticed that my eyesight issues have gotten a bit (a lot) worse so Sparky convinced me that it was high time for another eye exam. I guess he thinks it's important to be able to read warning labels, properly see road signs and avoid hitting little old ladies in the crosswalk (I totally missed her by at least 5 feet). So, I went in for my exam. Turns out I'm farsighted with an astimagtism so I definitely need glasses. (bi-focals? Really? What am I, an 80 year old grandmother??). They were also kind enough to confirm that I do have extremely bad depth perception. (Duh. No one with good depth perception freaks out as much as I do when a tennis ball comes within a mile of her head and don't even get me started on parallel parking!)

So, we plunked down a good chunk of change and I picked out a pair of frames that both my loving husband and the clerk assured me are NOT heinous (how cruel is it to make a person whose eyesight has just been confirmed as bad pick out a pair of frames that will be part of their face for the next several years?).

My glasses were supposed to be in today but the delivery didn't come so the world is still a bit fuzzy around the edges so consider this fair warning if you see a silver Ford Fusion coming in your direction!

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