13 January 2009

It's Definitely NOT Night Court!

Mood: Worried (baby Miley is back in the hospital again).

What I'm watching: Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Wouldn't it be nice to just point your finger and fix everything?)

Today is just a mini-blog because, at some point soon, I actually need to dislodge my backside from the couch and do the essentials (hair, make-up, etc.).

So, yesterday I served my very first day of jury duty and here are some things that I learned on day one:

1. Sitting around all day in a courtroom can be exhausting.

2. You can log quite a few miles of walking being shuffled in and out of the courtroom.

3. Awkward silences in a group of 14 strangers stuffed into a tiny jury room can get even more awkward when your stomach is growling.

4. All of my court room references come from Night Court. I spent half the morning figuring out who everyone in the courtroom was by assigning them Night Court Character names.

5. Lawyers are not as good looking as they are on television.

6. Most cases are not nearly as interesting as the cases in the movies.

7. Going over hours of evidence and testimony is, for the most part, so boring that you actually start to entertain the notion of poking your own eyes out just for the sheer entertainment value.

8. At least one full year of law school must be devoted to teaching aspiring lawyers how to say the same thing/ask the same question a million times in a million different ways. After the lawyer has asked virtually the same question 10 times in a row you begin to question both his intelligence and his sanity.

9. BONUS: The county actually paid for our lunches since we were sitting on an active jury!

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