16 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions?

Mood: Stabby (Cigna insurance and my new Nook have combined forces to drive me to the brink of insanity)
What I'm Listening to: Sounds of Nature on AOL radio (also, the occasional banging and stomping noises from the apartment upstairs)

"We need to move more - get some exercise because we're out.of.shape"

This is what I said to hubs a few weeks ago. He smiled, nodded and agreed in the most noncommittal, vaguest way possible that we should definitely do that.

We I talked about getting a membership at the local Rec Center because they have a walking track, swimming pool and tons of weight/cardio equipment to help us in our quest for fitness. Hubs smiled, nodded and agreed again - until it came time to actually, you know, go and do those things.

See, here's the thing. Hubs and I are basically sedentary people - particularly in the winter. I mean, we'd like to go to the rec center but it's across town and would require us going out into the snowy sub-zero temps of an Illinois winter. This? Is not really in line with our winter hibernation mode.

So, we decided on Plan B.

Meet plan B:

Now, I know, you're thinking "big deal, it's just a video game" but trust me - this is not just any video game. This is a one stop torture device masquerading as a harmless video game. It kicks my butt four times a week using innocent sounding activities and games along with a personal trainer to help guide me.

By "personal trainer" I mean a video game character - kind of like Mario only less friendly and way less princess obsessed - whose job it is to whip my butt into shape. I hate her. Seriously. Loathe. She demands that I move faster, push harder and do things that are physically impossible because I'm not a two dimensional 90 pound video game generated stick insect.

Thankfully this game comes with a heart rate monitor that displays my heart rate right on the screen so I'll know the exact moment that my heart attack - slash- stroke begins. What would be even more helpful? If the device would trigger a call to 911 when I collapse on the floor in a quivering sweaty mass of goo at the end of a workout.


  1. Dude, that's awesome! I can't stand going out into the cold. But all I'm doing instead of moving outside is sitting inside. I could use one of those video exercise game thingies. But I don't really know how to work the Wii. I do have stairs, though, and have to use them to get to the shower and to my bed and clothes. So I figure that counts for something.

    But good luck with your 2011 goals, chickie! You can do it! You're kicking some maja bootie so far!

  2. Well we'll see how it goes - so far I've been consistent in "showing up" when my trainer schedules me (yes, the stupid thing even gives me a calendar with scheduled workout dates) and I've managed to finish all my workouts (some with more cursing than others) so I figure it's gotta be doing something right? I mean besides making the neighbors think that there's a nightly earthquake centered in my living room as I jump and run around like an idiot.

    P.S. Stairs definitely count!

  3. You loathe the 90lb video generated stick insect now, and may continue to do so, but if you keep showing up for your scheduled sessions (does she come search for you if you're 5 minutes late? - Ooh, that could be a story... the video game gone wild - coming out into your house to roust you into submission... horror genre, of course) then YOU WIN!!!!!

    I love that you came up with a fantastic solution to your exercise issue. It reminds me to get my butt back on the stairs for my multi-time daily workout (parking garage at work - 5 flights me & my mp3 player during breaks & before work) - which I will do as soon as my back quits its griping & threats to put me completely out of commission.

    PS I agree Carol - stairs definitely count.

  4. Ack!! That's my nightmare - the stick insect coming out of the tv to yell at me for not getting my butt moving in time. (but you're right - what a great idea for a horror story!)

    I like the idea of working a bit of exercise into the work day - I used to go to work early to walk the halls of the church but once people realized I was there early they started stopping by early, calling early, etc. So I had to stop planning on getting exercise that way - hard to walk and do my job at the same time.


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