05 December 2010

Deep in the Forest of Edits and Paper

Mood: Tired (dreading the Monday dragon - it's peeking around the corner)
On TV: Bama Belles (Help me - I have a reality TV addiction!) 

The halls at Casa de Cowsert are completely decked, the tree shelters a nice pile of gifts awaiting a visit from the gift wrapping fairy and I'm hip deep in the editing process.

Once upon a time I thought of the editing process as something akin to slapping a fresh coat of paint on an already gorgeous wall. You know, something that looks good already but just needs a little pizazz to send it right over the edge? This? Was because I used to over think and over edit as I wrote - which basically meant that I would rarely ever finish a draft of anything because I was too focused on achieving perfection the first time around.

So up until now, my edits have resembled a project something like this:

Thankfully I learned to let go of that obsessive need to be perfect during the writing process. I was all "Yay! first drafts are supposed to suck and I suck so yay me!!!"

Now, however, I'm faced with the aftermath of a sucky first draft. Instead of just slapping a fresh coat of paint on a perfectly smooth and primed wall I'm left with something that looks more like this:

It has great bones, a solid structure and with a LOT of TLC it could be really amazing but I'm going to need a sledge hammer, not a paint brush to get me there.



  1. If you need a helpful reference, I'd recommed Elizabeth Lyon's Manuscript Makeover. It helps tremendously in attacking revisions in a methodical way, and not simply tweak but make substantive additions and subtractions.

  2. You can do it!!! Hang in there, chickie! Start with the big stuff first. Just one bite at a time...

    Super encouraging hugs!!!!

  3. Dude, when are ya coming outta the forest? :P

  4. Ugh! I've totally got a machete and I STILL can't see daylight. I know there's a story under all this crap but for the life of me I can't seem to find it!

    Seriously, going to have to follow the breadcrumbs out of the forest and back to the land of the living. *looks around at poor neglected blog* *picks up broom to sweep the cobwebs out of the way* :)


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