13 June 2010

Sunday - The Day of Rest?

Mood: Stressed (Really? Murphy and his law are having too  much fun with my day!)

On TV: Food Network Challenge (Toy Story 3 cakes - am I the only one that didn't like the Toy Story movies?)

The hubs and I were awakened this morning by the unsettling sound of the airconditioner motor dying an early and unnatural death. Since the hubs was  snoring like a saw sleepy peacefully, I decided to get up and investigate. Luckily it turns out that the airconditioner wasn't exactly dying - but it was completely frozen over. Well played heat and humidity. Well played.

Hubs and I dealt with the frozen compressor and then decided that we hadn't had quite enough home improvement type projects so we headed out to Wal-Mart where we bought a much needed new bookshelf. Why was it much needed? Well, this is my *old* "big"  bookshelf:

As you can see, it's well more than overloaded with books. I also have a smaller  tiny bookshelf that is just as packed with books AND I also had the leaning tower of books. Alas, I neglected to take a picture of the leaning tower of books but it was a tower of books on the floor next to my bed that had grown so large that it was, you guessed it, leaning (see how clever I am with the naming things thing? If I had a baby, I'd probably name it "baby" - so yes, it is a good thing that the hubs has had the big snip).

Anyway, two hours, several curse words (seriously? The instructions were written in Spanish with pictures in Swahili), a few smashed thumbs and many false starts later, we ended up with this:

Just imagine all those books stacked up in a tower with no home to call their own. *sniff* Now they're properly shelved and happy! Oh, and because no bookshelf is complete without it:

Also, I totally have empty space on these shelves - you know what that means??? Hello B&N!!!



  1. Oh, I just love your new bookshelf!! So pretty, and the tiara is just perfect. But so sorry about the air conditioner! Hate it when you have to deal with normal life stuff. Bah-humbug!!

  2. I love the addition of the crown on your books. Sweet! And I totally get the Swahili instruction problem too.

  3. @Carol: Thanks!!! :) I'm so excited about the new bookshelf that I'm sure I've reached new levels of book-girl geekiness but it's so nice not to have my every growing book pile just stacked on the floor! And I agree about the a/c! Pffft! Who needs real life when I've so many fictional problems to sort out?

    @Margo: :) Every woman needs a tiara because everything is better, easier and more fun when you're wearing a tiara. :) And the instructions? Oy! At one point I was pretty sure we were going to end up with a bird house instead of a bookshelf!

  4. The new bookshelf looks nice! have fun shopping at B&N. Those empty spaces must go. :)

  5. Oh no - I would die if my air conditioner died. I must have nice cool air blowing on me. Needing to fix air conditioner is a great reason to buy a new bookshelf.

  6. @Guinevere : Thanks! And I agree, the empty spaces definitely must go!

    @Mary : I gotta tell you - I was NOT a happy camper when our a/c wasn't working. I'm a big old spoiled baby when it comes to that! :) Luckily it was sorted fairly quickly and the new bookshelves were an awesome bonus! :)


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