06 June 2010

I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore...

Mood: Grateful (that all my family is safe after last night's tornado touch downs), overwhelmed (by the amount of damage that was done) and hopeful (that the injured are well on the road to recovery).

On Tv: Judge Judy (Nothing like a cranky judge to take your mind off of reality)

As some of my Twitter peeps already know we had some more than interesting weather travel through our area last night. Tornado warnings (yes, plural) were issued, tornadoes were sighted, tornadoes touched down and stayed on the ground for more than 20 miles through two towns.

Luckily, the worst of it just missed us. The town where some of my family lives was not so lucky. The tornado, as tornadoes go, was a relatively small one. An EF2 on a scale that goes up to EF5. However, even this "small" tornado did an amazing amount of damage. Here are a few pics we managed to snap this morning.

Keep in mind that we were not able to get anywhere near the areas of severe damage - these were just the neighborhoods/areas with "minor" tornado damage.

Here's a shot of some healthy trees that were knocked over and some were completely uprooted.

And here's another shot of an uprooted tree:

The classic tornado shot - a piece of a nearby metal silo rammed through a power pole.

A stop sign in a corn field. We have no idea where the sign came from. The nearest corners still had theirs (bent, but still intact).

And finally, a brand new barn building...thankfully the house escaped any  major damage. Unfortunately, my aunt's family farm wasn't quite so lucky.



  1. Oh my word. It's so hard to believe so much damage can be caused by such a small tornado. I can't even imagine how awful and scary it must be to live through that, let alone a large scale one. So glad you and yours were okay, even if the properties too some damage.

  2. @Carol: I was fairly shocked too since on the "technical" scale, the tornado was a small one. Unbelievable, but I know we were so lucky that everyone is safe and sound. Property can be replaced.

  3. I'm here from Carol(ina)'s blog. *waves* Nice to meet you. :)

    Sorry to hear of the tornado damage, but at least you and yours are okay.


  4. Hi Lola!!! *waves* Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs! :) *dances around excitedly at having a new bloggie type person here*


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