02 February 2009

Random Blog Thoughts

Mood: Tired (It's Monday, blah)

What I'm listening to: Don't Stop Believing (Excuse me while I take a mini-mental trip back into a Junior High Dance in the mid-80's).

So, since my life has been a pile of random thoughts over the last few days...

1. Why is it that (at least in Sparky's family) the amount of drama and discord at a family dinner is likely to go up in direct proportion to the amount of time and money spent preparing the meal? Mac and cheese? Minor squabbles. A 12 lb crown roast with all the trimmings? Complete family implosion.

2. If you've been eating healthy for months and then decide that you're going to treat yourself to McDonald's (because the family implosion killed your appetite for the crown roast), be prepared for a full scale gastrointestinal revolt. My stomach is only talking to me in short, angry bursts.

3. When you've dealt with the stress and anxiety of a complete family implosion and ingested the McDonald's, you will invariably end up on the sofa, curled up in a ball all day, alternating between worry that you are A. Dying of some rare liver/stomach ailment, B. suffering from some rare tropical disease that you probably picked up from the tropical fish at Wal-mart, or C. in the final stages of worst form of food poisoning (and mentally trying to remember if you've consumed any food containing peanut butter over the last few days).

4. There is a difference between 7-Up and Sprite. I understand that there are those of us on both sides of the sick-tummy soda debate. I, myself, am a firm 7-up gal. So why then did Sparky make a special trip out just to bring me back an 8 pack of Sprite??

5. My sick blanket (a pink and blue monstrosity that my mother crocheted for me when I was a teenager) really does have magical healing powers and I must have it to cover up with when I'm sick.

6. How can it be that I pay an obscene amount for cable, have something like a million channels and yet can't find one single thing worth watching? And why do I keep paying an obscene amount for a million channels when there's never anything on worth watching? It's the great mystery of life.

7. Groundhog Day. Although I'm inclined to think that taking our weather cues from a furry little critter is probably about as reliable as taking them from any random meterologist, does it really count as 'having seen his shadow' if you yank the poor little thing out of his peaceful slumber, set hold him up so he can be blinded by camera flashes and then see if he runs back underground? Wouldn't you?

Don't be surprised if next Feb. 2 the groundhog comes up toting an AK-47. I'm just saying.

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