01 December 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday - And Fun Stuff!

Mood: Festive - it's Christmas time!! *passes around the eggnog and cookies* 

It's time once again for Tell the Truth Thursday - so *deep breath*  here goes:

1.) Since I've been doing the low carb I've replaced my McDonald's Coke addiction with a slightly more obsessive addiction to the fresh brewed unsweetened iced tea at a local gas station. You know how some people need their coffee to function? Well, I need my tea - and the person who took the last of it yesterday morning? You are on.my.list!

2.) I gained EIGHT pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday (which, to be honest, lasted from Wednesday night until Sunday night - but still). It's not that I ate too much - it's more that I ate too many yummy, delicious, starchy carbs. #omnomnom

3.) Apparently I've begun to think it's appropriate to utilize hash tags everywhere. #tagALLtheTHINGS

4.) I totally sparkly heart everything Christmas. This may make me annoying at this time of year. #noapologies *turns Christmas music up louder*

So there you have it folks, my truths this Thursday - what about yours? Anything you've been keeping locked away?

Before I leave you today - 

Filed under amazingly awesome writer stuff:

The awesome and talented (awesomely talented?) LK Gardner-Griffie is sending her latest book baby "Tattered" out into the world and to celebrate the release she's having an "Awesome Blog Tour of Awesome"* Not only will you get the chance to read more about her characters and their stories, you'll get to visit with great bloggie type people AND have the opportunity to win STUFF! And not just any stuff but amazing stuff - like ARCs, e-books and actual books from LK Garnder-Griffie and other great writers!

The first stop of the tour is here at LK's very own blog - so hop on over and join in the fun and celebration! And don't forget to visit the other blogs (including this one) on her tour!

*say it in a really deep echoing voice - now isn't that awesome? (also, please note, this is NOT the official name of the blog tour. I don't even know if it has a name.) (Just kidding. It has a name. Its name is George.) 


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