03 December 2011

The Saturday Six!

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I missed the Friday five so I'm gonna go for the Saturday six because that's just how I roll!

1.) I find the low carb lifestyle very easy to maintain 99% of the time the other 1% of the time? Falls directly in the month of December - when I am surrounded by all things sugar filled and wonderful. I would like to say that I have committed myself to staying the course through the Christmas season - but that would be a big.fat.lie. Instead I have accepted the fact that I will do my best and probably spend the month gaining and losing the same 10 pounds over and over again.*

2.) It's December 3rd and absolutely beautiful outside. Like, don't need a coat and let's crack the windows open beautiful. One part of me LOVES this - the other part of me is confused by the combined lack of snow and Christmas decorations. **

3.) I'm fairly certain that cinnamon and sugar roasted pecans are proof that God loves us.

4.) I've discovered the internet crack which is called Pinterest. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should totally do it but be aware this is exactly what happens:

5.) I'm not a Coke fan and, since going low carb, I really don't even like soda all that much anymore but did that stop me from buying this?

No it did not. Christmas? Check. Santa? Check. Old fashioned Coke bottles? Check. Do I like soda? Not so much but who cares? MUST HAVE!

6.) Our Christmas Tree!

So there you go - six totally random things for this lazy Saturday. What's the random in your life this weekend?

*Yes, I know I'm weak - but I'm weak with Christmas treats! 

**This? Is why I could never move to California. 

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