23 April 2010

Jury Duty Again? Really?

Mood: Happy (My brother is home for keeps from the USAF! The best words ever? Honorable Discharge! Well, that and free chocolate.)

What I'm Watching: The Soup (All the celebrity crap I didn't have time to keep up with through the week. What could be better?)

I? Am officially the local government's biotch. For the second time in as many years I've been summoned for jury duty. This time it's for grand jury duty which means I'm on deck for 18 months. That's eight.teen months! Luckily we only meet when necessary so hopefully it won't be an every week thing but knowing my luck every single felon in the entire county will choose this as the perfect time to commit a crime.

On the plus side, I'm getting a good look at how the court systems around here work so if I ever decide to branch out and write a book about a fat, 30 something year old woman who totally loses her mind after being called up for jury duty one too many times...well, I'm totally covered.



  1. Okay, that's weird. I didn't even know it was possible. Now I'm worried that even like commenting on it will cause me to be summoned. Very weird. But yeah, pretty much all awful things I have to deal with, I try and tell myself that it's all something that might become writing material. So there you go. A silver lining.

    I will cross my fingers and hope all criminals go on hiatus in the next 18 months.

  2. Sigh. I know, right? I tried to whine, beg, plead and bribe my way out of it but the woman was completely unmoveable - not even the idea of chocolate was enough to make her change her mind. As an FYI? Government officials do not react well to bribe offers even if they're offered in jest (mostly).

    She said that the process is random (yeah right) and since it had been over a year since the last time I served (just barely) that I had to show up. Unless, of course, I want one of the county's finest showing up at my door to escort me in a shiny police car. Blah.


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