26 April 2010

Epic Blogger Type Contest

Status: Tired (is 10:00 pm too late for a nap?)

On tv: The Simpsons (Classic!)

Guess what's going on in the interwebs? Go on, guess. Give up????

Alright then, I'll just tell you. In honor of reaching 300 bloggie type stalker people Carol over at Carol's Prints is hosting an epically epic contest. Seriously. You can even dance for more chances to win. That's right. I said dance. On the interwebs. For prizes. Kind of like Dancing With the Stars only without the stars part. The prizes are totally incredible so it might be worth the public humiliation to up your chances to win. For someone else I mean. Not necessarily me. No one needs to see me dance.

*Ahem* Anyway you should totally head over to Carol's blog and enter her contest because even if you don't win, she's a totally awesome blogger, writer and internet friend so it's a win/win!



  1. Glad I could help! Well, kinda. I mean, if you enter, you're now the competition, but it's a super cool contest so obviously I *need* to blog about it. *sigh* You can totally see the dilema here.

    Good luck!

  2. Hey!!! I already wandered by there. Now, I'm waving at you... and I'll wave at you on Twitter too.

  3. You, my dear, are all types of awesome. <3 <3 I'm secretly hoping you win something ;) I will think very positive thoughts about you when I hit the choose button on the randomizer thingy. Thanks for blogging about my contest, sweets!


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