02 September 2011

The Friday Five

Mood: Whiny (I'm sick so I get to whine)
It's Friday!! It's a long weekend!!  And I'm sick. So, yeah...

1. Circus Days
On Monday, we went to the circus with my family. It was the first time the bubbies had ever been to the circus and, ranging in ages from 1 to 8, their reactions were varied and absolutely precious. My favorite reaction? Was from my little niece Miley who promptly fell in love with the Elephants and declared them her "puppies".

Clearly on board with John Green's desire for puppy sized elephants, she just decided that she would bypass evolution and declare the elephant sized elephant to be her very own puppy.

2. My very own superpower identified

I totes want this shirt! It's SO ME!!!!

          You can get it here:
 Awesome T-shirt of Awesomeness

3. If my next car has GPS, I totally want it to be Snape guided GPS!

4. It seems that my landlord has superhuman abilities to see issues within our apartment that we don't even know exist! He showed up at the door this afternoon telling me that the seal on our bedroom window was broken and he needed to come in and take some info from the window so that he could get it fixed and/or replaced.

On the surface this sounds like an amazingly attentive and responsible landlord. However, his attentiveness is just a little creepy considering we've been waiting for over 7 years for him to fix the hole he put in the cabinet under our kitchen sink, 4 years for him to properly fix the tile surround on our bathtub and over 5 years to do something about the mold in our bathroom walls. So, yeah. Wonder what the wait time is on the window thing?

5. It's a holiday weekend and cold or no cold, hubs and I are going to have fun if it kills us!!


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  1. Bummer you have a cold. And I WANT the Alan Rickman GPS in a big way.


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