25 October 2010

*Ahem* I Have an Announcement...

Mood: Happy (even though it's Monday)

What I'm Listening to: Christmas Music (shut up. I like Christmas music)

I know that I've been MIA in blogger land lately. Now, this will come as no great shock to those of you who know me. I'm quite possibly the world's most inconsistent blogger. No. Really. I think it's a title and I hold it so don't rain on my parade.

However, this time, I have an epically good reason. *cue epic music*

The official announcement was made by my sometimes cheerleader, sometimes butt kicker but always supportive award winning (because that's how she rolls) author and dear Tweetie friend,  LK Gardner-Griffie on Saturday night on Twitter. But, for those of you who don't obsessively follow all the writing threads on Twitter, here it is:

Ahem #amwritingparty Let it be known - @rcowsert gave birth to a shiny new novel at 19:16 PT. Mama & baby are doing well. WIP is incubating.

Yep. That's right. I finally finished it! *cue happy dances, sparkles and streamers from the ceilings* I've been spending the last month or so really pushing for the end of this endless novel and I've finally made it! Of course, it's still a baby WIP, which means that it needs a lot of work before it's ready to go out into the world on its own but that's okay. I'll have it walking, talking and potty trained and ready to go to agents in due time. Until then I'm enjoying that new WIP snuggly smell.

*tickles WIP tummy*

Now....hmmm...starting to think that maybe baby WIP needs a brother or sister to play with....



  1. Hooray! Congrats on pushing through and finishing your ms.! Hope we'll see you around the blogosphere more as you enter revision-land. We missed ya!

  2. That's great...congratulations!!!!

  3. @Laurel: Thanks!!! And yes, hopefully I'll be around more now that I'm going to be working on revisions. :) Going to give the WIP a bit of a rest though before diving back in. Just to gain some perspective.

    @Joyce: Thanks!!

  4. I'm so so so happy you finished, darling!! Yay!! I'm excited to see you moving forward. And isn't LK just the best? I LOVE HER!

    And don't worry about the blogging. I'm not a regular blogger either.


  5. Congrats! I had to magnify the print on my screen cause the first time I read it, I thought you gave birth to a new shovel. I was like okay Scott's done it now and she wants to bury the remains as not to get caught. LOL
    I am getting to old when I can not read without magnification.
    I cannot wait to read your book. Keep us updated as to when it's wings are ready to fly.

  6. @Carolina: Thanks so much!! And yes, LK is just made of awesome (much like you!). You both deserve extra special writerly tiaras! :)

    @Aunt Kay - thanks! I'll definitely keep you updated. Right now it's just sitting so I can go at rewrites with a fresh eye in a few weeks. In the meantime it's onto the next idea. :)

    Oh, and the shovel thing was TOO funny!! There are times...


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