12 October 2009

Things That go Bump in the Night

Mood: Frustrated, irritated, annoyed...well, you get the idea (had a very rough day at work)

What I'm Watching: Hoarders (Am suddenly overwhelmed w/ the need to clean any rogue bits of clutter around my own home lest they rise up and mount a hostile take over).

Current Word Count: Am not willing to talk about that right now! (translation: No meaningful writing has been accomplished over the last week or so and am currenly suitably ashamed of the lazy writer within me).

It's mid-October, the weather has started turning colder, the leaves have started falling from the trees and suddenly thoughts of the spooky and macabre begin to fill my head (and my television) as the calendar inches ever closer to Halloween.

Personally, I've always accepted that there are things "out there" that I can't begin to understand but that doesn't mean I'm jumping at my own shadow either. I tend to walk the line, looking for the rational and logical explanation before resorting to paranormal explanations.

When Scott and I moved into our current apartment, we immediately began to notice things weren't quite "right". We heard things going bump in the night. We would go to bed and be lulled to sleep by a symphony of drawers in our kitchen opening and closing, kitchen chairs shuffling around and stuff banging down on our tables. At first, the logical explanation seemed to be that our upstairs neighbors must be very noisy night owls....until we learned that we, in fact, had no upstairs neighbors.

I kept smelling a very nice, light musky floral scent every time I was cooking in the kitchen. The hubs? Couldn't smell anything unusual for months. No matter how strong the scent was to me, he couldn't smell a thing. Until one morning when I'd grown so accustomed to the scent that I no longer noticed it, he finally smelled it. It was early one morning and I'd gotten up to use the restroom...on my way back into bed he finally smelled it. That's right. Our ghost? Was a perv who had followed me into the bathroom.

We've now lived in this apartment for over 7 years and over that time we've experienced everything from disembodied voices, to things moving, hearing people walking around our bedroom in the middle of the night, to actually feeling someone sitting on the edge of our bed. Once? I even saw 'something' sitting on the end of our sofa but it's getting late so that's a story I'll save and share later.

So, what about the rest of you? Ever see or hear something you couldn't explain? Ever experience something that just made your skin crawl (I mean, of course, besides the 'D' list celeb reality tv on VH-1)? Leave a comment and share your stories. It is after, all, nearly Halloween...so pull a chair up around the old campfire, put that flashlight under your chin and scare us all!



  1. I think it's time to move. :o) There is good and there is evil. You cannot deny either one. I've seen it and I don't dare go there again. lol.

  2. Believe me, if you could truly appreciate the tiny craptasticness of our apartment, you would be really wanting to move and the ghost would be the least of the reasons why. LOL.

    Alas, our current plans to become very rich either via: lottery winnings, death of some obscure but extremely wealthy relative, or invention of the next "must have" item worthy of a Billy Mays endorsement (may he rest in peace), the hubs and are stuck in all this splendor b/c the rent is right (meaning cheap) and, although they're weird, we're pretty sure most of the neighbors don't have bodies hidden in their closets.

  3. When I was just a baby, my parents lived in a subsidized apartment building in the city. They were poor. It was a dump, but it was a roof over our heads. Even though I was 2 1/2 when we finally moved, I still remember the chills I'd get walking down the hallway that was straight from a horror movie, flickering lights and all. I'm not sure if was a ghost, though enough people died in that building to account for one. Maybe it was just Hatred imprinted on the walls? Either way, the elevator would randomly stop working and open the doors to gaping blackness. Whenever my parents complained to the building manager, he'd give them funny looks and say that has never happened before, even though it occurred nearly every day. However, funny enough, it only happened when I was with one of my parents. If they were by themselves, nothing happened.

  4. Wow Natalie that's definitely a bit freaky! Especially the elevator thing. *shudder* I do believe that sometimes places can develop a 'memory' for lack of a better word and, having grown up in subsidized housing myself, I know those places can be breeding grounds for negative energy (sadness, despair, anger, etc.).


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